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For large size and weight workpiece, Trolly Type Shot Blast Machine(customized) isn't fit,because there'll be dangerous

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Buy Trolly Type Shot Blast Machine(customized)From China

For large size and weight workpiece, hang type shot blasting machine isn't fit,because there'll be dangerous, There's a trolley type shot blast machine is very fit for the large workpiece.Trolley type blasting equipment has a large diameter rotating table to load large workpiece, and it's steady and safe.
Operating principle of the trolley type shot blasting equipment is that a motor drive the big trolley, the trolley loaded worikpiece enter into blasting room, close doors, then blasting start. After blasting finished, the trolley return back out of blastroom, then blasting over. Loading and unloading need by a trabeated style hoist.
Many blastwheels installing posations and angle are different, thus to get a perfect blasting. But because the workpiece is large, the surface between table and workpiece can't treated at a time, so it needs use a sandblaster to treat the contact surface, efficiency is high.

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